Folder structure of BBEC on a local development computer

With all of the different versions that we develop in on a daily basis it’s good to have a solid foundation for how your Blackbaud installations/install files/databases/SDKS are structured. I use a directory that may or may not be the most efficient for you, but over the years I have found this to be an extremely helpful layout.

I have one folder on my C:\ drive called Blackbaud and then under that I have 4 folders.

You can probably go ahead and guess what is under each of the folder listed above, but if not then read on.

Now under the SDK and Instances folder I use a slightly different naming scheme, (CLIENTNAME_VERSION) to help differentiate between different client installations of the same version. As you can see  I don’t put a client name on installations that aren’t for a set client.

As far as the database folder goes, when installing SQL Server I make sure to set the data and log paths to that folder so that all of my databases are housed there.

Happy coding…smiley


1. I realize that some of you may have an additional hard drive in your computer that is used for databases, if so then just link the database folder to that drive.

2. Another great source for basic setups in projects is listed here.

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