Styles used in jQuery aren’t rendering the same between local dev box and server.

Okay so I have switched completely to IE9.

Let the smacking and name calling begin.

Okay stop.

I was having some of the styles in one of my BBIS parts that uses jQuery render differently on an internal server than it was on my local machine. Searched long and far of google and bing and no answer.

For instance my tab’s corners weren’t rounded.

I just chalked it up to the typical bad css and/or stupid javascript.

Then in the cold, (we don’t use heat), dark hours of this morning I happened upon noticing NO compatibility view icon in the address bar.

Without that little broken page icon I realized that IE must be running in compatibility mode. Therefore rendering some stuff a little different (as it would in previous versions of IE) <—- don’t quote me on that.

Then after stumbling around the tools menu of the IE9 I found a link called “Compatibility View Settings”.



Low and behold there is a setting there that was checked and what do you know. I was hosting the page on an internal server, therefore IE9 was taking it upon itself to render it in compatibility mode. After unchecking that box I got the new little broken page icon up.

Plus my tabs rendered correctly.

Happy coding…

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