Adding custom artwork to BBEC

I’ve had a lot of clients over the years personalize their instance of CRM by giving it it’s own name and using their very own artwork. In order to achieve the custom look and feel there are a number of image files that you can replace.

The out of box images are stored here: ~\\bbappfx\vroot\browser\clientbin\images\brand\bbec\

You want to make sure you match their specific sizes and image types to create a uniformed professional look, otherwise things can end up skewed and out of place.

To protect yourself from upgrades/service packs/patches that may overwrite the images you’d want to backup both the custom and original images. I do this by creating two new folders inside of the location listed above. One call originalImages and one called customImages. I put a copy of the original images into the originalImages folder and I put my custom images into both the root folder listed above and the into the customImages folder. That way after you run an upgrade/service pack/patch you can easily restore your custom images.

If you are running in a production environment make sure to update this on each CRM node.

Happy coding!

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