Developer functional area

At Santa Clara University I’ve created a developer functional area. In visual studio I have a SCU.CustomFx.Developer.Catalog and have the following packages:

This package contains a table with basic CRUD capabilities. This allows me to consume the CRUD capabilities by SpWrap and then comsume those classes with a Helper class in my SCU.CustomFx.Common project. I can then reference the Common project and log anything I want to from within any part of my source.

This package contains a table with basic CRUD capabilities. The table holds an application name and boolean field that holds whether or not that particular application should be in debug mode or not. This debug mode is not at all tied to debug mode in Visual Studio. My logging code makes a call to see if the customization calling it is in debug mode before logging. This allow me to easily start the logging for any one of my customizations without having to redeploy anything.

This package contains a datalist that displays all records from the out of box error table. This allows support or any other developer to quickly grab the information without having to request it from someone within our organization.

If you have anything else that would be of help please post it in the comments.

Happy coding!

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