Download a file to the user’s browser via CRM

To download a custom file in CRM using VB you need to create a class that inherits Blackbaud.AppFx.Server.AppCatalog.AppCustomFileDownloadProcess like so. Imports Blackbaud.AppFx.Server Imports System.IO Public Class TestFileDownloadHandler     Inherits AppCatalog.AppCustomFileDownLoadProcessor     Public Overrides Function CheckSecurity() As SecurityCheckResult         Return SecurityCheckResult.SecurityCheckPassed     End Function     Public Overrides Sub ValidateArgs()         If String.IsNullOrEmpty(Me.RequestArgs.Parameters("Text")) Then             Throw New Exception("Text parameter not provided")         End If     End … Continue reading Download a file to the user’s browser via CRM

Moving attributes between environments

There are many times when I need to move attributes from one environment to another. Below is what I use, it prints out one big script that you can copy and paste and run. set nocount on; declare @SQL nvarchar(max) = N''; declare @ATTRIBUTES table(ID uniqueidentifier primary key, NAME nvarchar(100), ATTRIBUTERECORDTYPEID uniqueidentifier, DATATYPECODE tinyint, CODETABLECATALOGID uniqueidentifier, ONLYALLOWONEPERRECORD … Continue reading Moving attributes between environments

Developer functional area

At Santa Clara University I’ve created a developer functional area. In visual studio I have a SCU.CustomFx.Developer.Catalog and have the following packages: Logging.Package.xml This package contains a table with basic CRUD capabilities. This allows me to consume the CRUD capabilities by SpWrap and then comsume those classes with a Helper class in my SCU.CustomFx.Common project. … Continue reading Developer functional area